Water Pressure Reducing Valve


Dual CV Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) for water filter systems, reverse osmosis systems, coffee makers, and ice makers.

Reduces pressure to a safe 70psi.

1/4″ quick connect fittings for easy installation. Works with 1/4″OD copper or plastic tube.

Protect your water filter systems against leaks or failure due to high water pressure in excess of 80psi.

Maximum pressure 230psi.

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If your water pressure is above 80PSI you must protect your water filter system, RO system, or ice maker from leaks or failure due to excessive water pressure. Use this PRV to reduce your water pressure to a safe level for your RO system, water filter system, coffee maker, or ice maker to prevent leaks or failure due to water pressure in excess of 80 PSI.

1/4″ quick connect fittings make installing this PRV quick and easy.

    1. Turn off the water supply.
    2. Cut the tubing feeding water to the filter system 6 inches from the inlet of the water filter system.
    3. Paying attention to the direction of water flow on the PRV label, insert the tubing into the quick connect fittings on each side making sure the tubing has pushed into the fitting 5/8 of an inch. The arrow on the PRV points towards the filter system and away from the water supply.


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