Passthrough Automatic Shut-Off Valve


White with quick connect connections.

Automatic Shut Off Valve (ASV) passthrough type for reverse osmosis systems. Also known as Puregen.


Comes with built in quick connect connections for easy replacement. Will replace any ASV even if it has different connections as long as it is a passthrough type ASV.

This ASV works on most GRO RO systems, and many other import and US made RO systems.

Check your ASV before ordering this ASV to make sure it is the same type.

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This ASV comes on many RO systems including the Ultima Water Systems GRO36-4, GRO50-4, -5, -ALK, GRO75-5, & -ALK and many other brands of RO systems.

The water passes through this ASV from one end to the other end. Connect the pre-filters outlet to the end marked “in” then the membrane inlet to end marked “out”. Connect the membrane product water outlet to either end with no marking and to the post filter tee to the other end with no markings.


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