Reverse Osmosis Systems – for high purity drinking water.

Using reverse osmosis, the industry’s most sophisticated filtration technology, our drinking water system delivers the best water possible. As water enters the system, it flows through three stages of treatment to reduce dissolved solids, impurities and contaminants.

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Water Softeners – Soften water throughout the entire house.

It’s evident in the spot-free dishes, the brighter and softer clothes and shower stall without water spots. You can feel it as shampoo rinses out completely, leaving your hair shiny and more manageable. And you’ll save money on soaps and detergents while eliminating scale buildup that could harm your water-using appliances. In all these areas and more, Ultima Water Conditioners make your home and lifestyle a little more comfortable.

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Parts and Filters

Environmentally friendly carbon filters use no electricity. There is no need to back flush and does not waste water. Removes chlorine and improves the taste of water and reduces heavy metals
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