What Water Conditioning Does

Does your water have an unpleasant smell? Before water enters your home, it can pick up odors from materials it comes in contact with as it flows and seeps through the ground. There could be many root causes, requiring more than one solution.


  • Rotten egg odor*
  • Musty, earthy or wood smell
  • Chlorine smell
  • Detergent odor
  • Chemical smell

*Occasionally, an odor occurs only in hot water. This can be caused by a chemical reaction with the water that takes place in your water heater.

Prevents scale build-up in your plumbing
Your plumbing system is a major investment. Conditioned water protects it from lime scale deposits and prevents costly repairs. Your fixtures will look better and last longer too. Even your water heater will consume less energy.

Cleans and softens laundry with less soap
Conditioned water brightens whites and colors with only one-fourth of the soap required for washing in hard water. Without hard water soap curd build-up your clothes will last longer, look better and be cleaner and softer.

Stops dulling lime and soap residue
Conditioned water ends the ugly lime and soap residue that dulls and spots glassware, dishes, showers and other fixtures. Without this residue, harsh cleansers are usually not needed and general house cleaning becomes easier and less time-consuming.

Dry skin and dull, lifeless hair are often caused by lime and soap residue. Conditioned water leaves hair shiny and skin soft and smooth, preventing the need for creams and conditioners.

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