Ultima VII/GRO, 5 Stage Filter Pack

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Ultima VII/GRO 5 stage Replacement Filter Pack

  • Includes all filters and O-rings for your Ultima VII and GRO 5 stage Reverse Osmosis system.
  • Keep your Ultima Reverse Osmosis system at peak performance with genuine OEM filters.
  • Made for Ultima Model VII & GRO 5 stage RO Systems. Also works with most 5 stage RO Systems.
  • Includes the new manual “How to Service your Reverse Osmosis System” by Dionicio Porras.
  • Filter change tool kit available separately; ROFCTK. Service your reverse osmosis system like a pro.
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The Ultima VII  Replacement Filter Pack is built specifically for the Ultima VII and Ultima GRO 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Includes: 1- 5 micron sediment, 2- carbon pre-filters, 3- canister O-rings, and 1- inline GAC post filter.

Also works with:
~GRO50-5, GRO75-5, GRO35-5
~ Newer International Filter RO5
~Premiere WP5
~Watts 5SV
~Newer Ultra-Micron (R)
~Older WRI 5 stage RO systems
~Most 5 stage RO systems that use a post filter with 1/4″ FIP connections

~This filter pack qualifies for free shipping.

~Membrane sold separately (does not need to be changed annually)

Includes the service manual “How to Service Your Reverse Osmosis System” by Dionicio Porras. So you can service your RO system like a pro.


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