CBC-10BB 10X4-1/2 inch carbon block filter


CBC-10BB Chlorine, Taste, & Odor filter.

This is a Carbon, Taste & Odor (CTO) replacement filter cartridge for most Big Blue® and Big Clear® filter housings. This filter removes or reduces chlorine, bad taste, and odor from drinking water. Commonly used for whole house applications as well as pre-filtration for other water treatment equipment.

Includes housing O-Ring.

Works with Pentek®, Pentair®, Watts®, Big Blue®, Big Clear®, and most other 10″x4½” filter housings.

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This filter is used for removing or reducing chlorine, bad taste and odor from drinking water. Also known as a CTO filter.  The CBC-10BB filter fits in the large format 10 inch filter housings, commonly known as a Big Blue® or Big Clear® filter housing. Nominal size of this filter is 4-1/2″ diameter and 10″ high. This filter will also include an O-Ring that should fit most large format filter housings.


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