Reverse Osmosis 4 gal. water storage tank


Pressurized water storage tank for under sink reverse osmosis systems. Has NSF certified diaphragm for water storage; wont add any taste or odor to the water. Stainless steel water connections that wont corrode or rust. Holds approximately 3 gallons of water. Ultima Water Systems OEM replacement water storage tank, will fit any RO system that requires a 4 gallon pressurized water storage tank. Is pre-pressurized to 20 psi, check with your RO owners manual for recommended pressure setting. Most RO systems is 10 psi when the tank is empty of water.
Does not come with a tank valve, you Will need to move your old tanks existing tank valve to the replacement tank or you may want to purchase a new valve for the replacement tank. Make sure you use Teflon(TM) when you install the tank valve.


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